Let Me Die

Let Me Die
Let Me Die

Sadness engloved me,

Making me feel engrossed in cries,

Wishing to tear my heart away;

So as not to love again,

Now, I am left in the pain of love and its darkness.

I loved you with all my heart and soul,

I loved you before “I was born to this Earth”,

You will always have my heart anytime,

’cause to me, You are like a million of girls which I can’t afford to lose,

But now, I can’t “La Belle Indifference”.

Now I felt a bit happy,

Though it can’t be healed yet,

Thanks for being by my side;

Even though you are far from me,

Anyway, I still feel sad and drowned in tears that make my heart bleeds.

Never believed that you will leave me now;

You gave me an impromptu leave,

Breaking my heart into the worst part that I cannot imagine,

Upon all that promise you made:

“You will never leave me alone and you will be my wife”.

Is this how one feels?

When one recieves hearkbreak,

Is this how much it hurt soo badly?

Because my heart, soul, and mind are not one,

Due to the fact that all have been overcome by the pain of love.

Never believed you can put me into endless tears,

Because of you, I have ended my cheers,

Never believed you can leave me to my foes,

Even when you promise not to do such,

You know I can not leave without you that is why You played me like a drum.

The agony of love is now my partner,

The pain of love is now my friend,

The sadness of love is now my family,

Heartbreak has become my relative,

Wishing that *I should die*.

Let me die;

So that I can forget everything,

Let me die;

It is becoming an unbearable torture to me,

Just end my life which has become meaningless to me.

I call on the Great Ground to open up and swallow me,

I call on the Powerful Fire to be fierce so as to pierce my soul ruthlessly and mercilessly,

I call on the Thunder-Striker to release its unstopping strike on my pale heart,

I call on the Whirling Wind to blow me to an unknown land.

Please, I am begging *LET ME DIE*

Coker Favjoker

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