My Heart is your Home

My Heart is your home...
My Heart is your home…

My Heart is your home…

I lay here awake at night,

Think of you with shear delight..

Even though I know I’m alone,

I pray you know, My Heart Is Your Home..

So everytime you walk out that door,

I know that you are loved for sure..

Don’t ever leave me all alone,

Remember, My Heart Is Your Home..

The nights your away, the days your not here,

Wherever you travel, when you are not near..

I want to assure you, wherever you roam,

Just be assured, My Heart is your Home..

We talk every day, but it isn’t the same,

My heart full of butterflies, as I see your name..

The message you sent me, on my mobile phone,

Reminds for always, My Heart Is Your Home..

And when you return, I will hold you tight,

And we can make love, all through the night..

I will make sure your happy, and don’t feel alone,

Cos I know for always, My Heart Is Your Home..

              Please remember that forever..

                 My Heart ❤️ Is Your Home..

-Stevan Lyman

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