Love that was Never True

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Love that was Never True
Love that was Never True

What’s love?

Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the highest virtues and good habits, the deepest interpersonal relationships, to the simplest pleasures. As an example of this multiplicity of meanings, maternal love differs from spousal love, which differs from the love of food. Most commonly, love refers to strong attraction and a sense of emotional attachment.

Poem on Love that was Never True

You took my pulse without ever touching me,

Like honey and flowers, you were my bumble-bee

But I’m not able to see,

Don’t ever take anything for free.

Your feelings is so awesome,

And you’re the only one,

With whom I do alot of fun,

In start of every day we see sun.

I can’t think negative for you,

That’s the very bad view,

In the rainy days, we see some dew,

Birds chirp with a melodious voice, and flew.

– Miss Writer

Story on Unforgotten Love 

Once a girl fell in love with a simple living boy. He wasn’t that good looking but for a girl, he was the only one who could understand her. Both loved each other so much that they can’t live without each other, and just can’t stay away from each other. Everything was going well and both were enjoying their company and also weren’t having any problems or conflicts between them. 

But suddenly, something happened that changed the boy’s attitude. At first, the girl was having doubts that something was wrong with him. She asked him a few times, but he ignored him. Every time, a girl tries to talk with him, but he’s the one who ignores her and isn’t listening to her. Still, the girl hadn’t lost her hope, and neither her patience was broken, so she was trying her best to know what was wrong with him.

Later she got to know from one of his friends that he was roaming with another girl. At first, she didn’t believe his words and was telling him that his friend is loyal to me, and he can’t do that. Then his friend said to come to a destination, and the girl reached there, she saw all that.

But still, she can’t believe that it was true because she was thinking that the girl who was with him was his sister, as he used to say to her that everyone except her, are his sisters. She’d thought that now too. His friend was shocked after listening to her. That’s how a sister can kiss him, or hug him, and also his friend was playing with the girl’s hair and hand.

The girl then went after some time, and she went before him and asked who she was in a very polite way. He replied that she was his new girlfriend. The girl then asked, “Who am I then? The boy laughed and said that you were my time pass. You were my past, and the girl who left now, she’s my present and future. 

Love that was Never True

The girl was so sad and crying that she just couldn’t forget him. She didn’t expect that one which he’d given him at that moment. She was thinking something but something else came out.

Like this, in our life, some moments happen, so it’s better not to expect anything from anyone, neither happiness nor bad and sad ones. Because if you start expecting something from the other one, and if he or she can’t fulfill it, you’re the only one who’ll be sad and depressed sometimes.

After leaving that boy, she can’t live peacefully without him. In between, she’d got many proposals, but still, she can’t forget him, and hence rejected everyone’s single proposals. 

Love that was Never True

One day, that girl was passing by the road, there a boy came but he was blind and handicapped. The girl was having a helpful and soft nature so she went to help him to cross the road. When both crossed the road, the boy recognized his first girlfriend’s scent and loudly said her name.

Just then the girl looked at him and recognized him. Both hugged each other. The boy told her everything that happened with him as she left him. But the girl couldn’t forgive the boy, and she walked away. Like this, their love will be forever for each other, but still, they both can’t forget each other.

Thank you readers for giving your time. I hope you’ve liked this one, so I’ll be back with another topic soon maybe. Till then take care of everyone and stay happy.

Thank you!!!

-Miss Writer 

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