Your Attitude Ruined Our Love

Your Attitude Ruined Our Love
Your Attitude Ruined Our Love

We had something beautiful.
Something magical.
Something different.

But look at us now.
Not even texting each other Goodnight.
Lost in all contact.
Like strangers.
I am still confused.
Are we still an item or not?

I am still confused you said you missed me a lot. but still has not said a word till today.
I am confused, you are confused.
Our love is confusing.
Love its self it’s confusing

One thing I learned is to never love deeply.
Attaching yourself to someone and caring for a person these days is like calling for heartbreaks.
And nights of drifting tears.
It’s wonderful of how we all love the forever after.

But the forever after is a forever working of faith.
Morals, patience, and respect.
All my life doing that, I really can’t imagine myself.

Is there not another easy way to love?
Maybe love was not and will forever not be for me.
“LOVE” I rest my case.

-@Nobuhle Maseko

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