Never Lose Hope

Never Lose Hope
Never Lose Hope
Never Lose Hope by Miss Writer

Courage and the power inside us is the power that is given by God and which we can use at any time. 

Never Lose Hope
Never Lose Hope

Here’s a story that I’m going to share with you all. This is the story of a boy who’s having problems in his life and even in his body. 

So the story begins…

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Never Lose Hope

A boy who’s living with his family. He’s happy and excited every time at every moment that he couldn’t wait for anything. He was studying in college and used to love games a lot. He used to play sports mostly the whole day. He was good in his studies and also doing good in his life.

He was having his match and he was casually playing. But suddenly his enemies pushed him back. He fell on the front side and was injured very much, internally and also externally.

Later, he was hospitalized for 3 months for a leg fracture and had some injuries which will be cured by only medicines, but still, he was having pain in his leg. Because his leg’s bones had become weak and he wasn’t able to walk or run.

Then too his adventurous feeling haven’t gone. He still wanted to go hiking. His parents convinced him otherwise, but it was very difficult to do so. Soon he agreed to them and dropped the plan. After 3 months, he recovered fully, and also he was feeling much better. 

When he again started going to college, he met those boys again. He wasn’t frightened now and had given the best back answer to them. Those boys have now been a little afraid of him. So they maintained some distance from him and never troubled him, in fact, they used to help him. 

After a few weeks, he got a notice from college that, there was a competition for running. And in that letter, it was written that he’d lead that college.

At first, he was confused, but later he agreed and said yes to it. He was still in a wheelchair as his leg wasn’t good till now. But he didn’t lose hope and tried to run in a wheelchair only.

After that incident, his left hand was also not working very well, his arm was shaking a lot and he was weak from the inside, but still, he didn’t lose hope and courage. 

Never Lose Hope

The competition day arrived, and he came to the ground, sitting in a wheelchair. All the other participants were laughing at him, but he ignored everyone. He didn’t notice their talks just had taken some rest and also had water in order to keep him energized. 

Later competition started, he at first was very slow. Everyone there started doing predictions that he can’t make it to the finish line. He would definitely lose. Everyone was discouraging him, but he ignored every comment which was done to him.

On the other hand, there were good comments too, but he ignored everything and just had a focus on the end line. But at the time was running fast and less time was left, he caught up with time and changed his pace. He was now a bit faster than the earlier speed.

Now he was among the three top participants, and then he got the first position in by his courage and determination towards his goal. 

That’s why it’s called as that 

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

As it can hurt you when you comment on anyone and after that realizing that you were wrong and that too in front of everyone. The second thing is that you’re not doing anything by yourself and also not letting people do anything because you’re not that person who can easily judge anyone and also can put comments on them.

In fact, we should be kind, calm, and polite with the people around us. It’s better to be polite than be rude to anyone. If anyone is rude to you so don’t be polite to them, but if anyone is polite to you, so don’t be rude to them as it can hurt you as well as that person with whom you’ve behaved like that. 

Thank you for your time and support. I would like to know whether you agree with my point or not? So comment down your thoughts now and let me know whether you’ve liked this one or not.

Thank you readers & Never Lose Hope!!!

-Miss Writer 

Never Lose Hope

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