Men Will Be Men

men will be men
Men will be Men

Stanley towed his fatigued body to the fifth floor. Just like the lift, his legs too were threatening to go out of service.

With immense hardship, he reached the apartment and rang the doorbell.

As the door opened, the redolence of rose soothed his weary soul. Ineluctably, he closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath to let the fragrance reach his soul. Contended and healed, as he opened his eyes, he stood dumbstruck at the sight in front of him.

Angelina stood there in a transparent red gown, Ruby neckpiece, and his favourite red stilletoes. Her flawless face sans any make-up, her sparkling eyes, her natural rose lips, and her wet hair made him lose his heart to her once again.

He envied each water droplet that got lucky to kiss the luscious skin of the beauty standing in front of him.

She held his hand and pulled him inside. Once inside, the intermingling aroma of assorted delicacies titillated his nostrils… The dining table was adorned with dishes of his choice.

“What’s the occasion?” he asked stunned, throwing his laptop on the couch and pulling her towards him.

“We two are celebrating your promotion today”, she disclosed as he inhaled the perfume on her skin.

It was an overwhelming choice for him: what to satiate first – his hunger pangs or his manhood.

Embracing her tightly in his arms, as he started showering her with wet kisses, she shoved him back, handed him a towel, and pushed him towards the bathroom.

Reluctantly, he went inside to freshen up. Thereafter, he sat down to gobble the tempting sumptuous meal.

As he was relishing the sweet dish from the soft hands of Angelina, his phone rang.

Reluctantly, he looked at the mobile screen, and blood drained from his face. The screen displayed, “Wifey calling”

He nudged Angelina down from his lap and attended the call.

“Yes, honey! What’s up?” he fumbled

“What honey!!! Where are you? We are waiting for you” his wife inquired furiously.

“I had told you in the morning about a late-night meeting, dear. I am at the office”, he tried to control the situation.

“In the office? Where in the office? All are here – your boss and your colleagues, except you. We had planned a surprise party to celebrate your promotion” she acquainted.

“What?” the rug below his feet got pulled away.

“I am just coming”, he blurted and scooted inside to get ready.

Angelina stood there infuriated and hurt.

While bidding her goodbye, he typed CODE RED and messaged one of his fast friends.
They both met at their pre-decided destination where his friend handed him a gift pack.

He thanked him and reached his office. Handing the gift to his wife, he coaxed, “I had lied about a late-night meeting to you. I wanted to surprise you with this gift. I had almost reached home when I got your call. So, I hurried back”

She was smitten by his charm. As the couple hugged, she could smell another woman on him.

He sensed it and promptly mocked, “See, in my haste, I tested female perfume on my clothes… Are you liking this smell? I didn’t and got you something else”

She bought his words and he heaved a sigh of relief.

Men will be Men…

Happy Men’s Day!

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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