Budding Love Story

Budding Love Story
Budding Love Story

It was the night of 31 December. Suhana, along with her two younger siblings, was snuggled up in a quilt and was enjoying the entertainment programs which were being telecasted on various TV channels.

Their parents had retired to their room as they had to wake up early in the morning as usual and do their work. 

At midnight, Suhana’s phone rang. She had never before spoken on the phone to anyone so late at night. Both her siblings also stared at her with astonishment. She instantly picked up the phone and seeing her fiancee, Ajit’s name on the screen, her heart skipped a beat. Her cheeks turned red and her eyes twinkled.

She informed her siblings that it was their jiju. Both the kids exclaimed in unison, “Ooooooooooooooo”

Before they could further pick on her, Suhana left the warmth of the quilt and went to another room. 

She picked up the phone “Hello” 

Ajit wished her enthusiastically, “Wish you a very Happy New Year and a New Beginning” 

Suhana said shyly, “You too”

Then Ajit requested, “Exactly 15 minutes from now, please come to the window of your room. I am coming there on my scooty. I want to start the New year seeing your face first” 

Before Suhana could say anything, Ajit hung up the phone.

These 15 minutes seemed like 15 years to Suhana. When she opened the casement, the outside view, blew off her senses. The chilled December breeze and the thick fog scared the wits out of her. In such freezing weather and dense fog where one couldn’t see one’s own hand, she got terrified thinking about Ajit. The alacrity to see Ajit paled in front of her anxiety and nervousness.

When Ajit did not turn up after 15 minutes, her uneasiness skyrocketed. After about 20 minutes, she saw the light of the scooty piercing through the dark fog. She could not see anything because of the fog. Ajit turned the scooty towards her and in the light of the Scooty, she saw Ajit. Speechless, she peeked at him and then lowered her eyelids passing a shy smile. Both were very cheerful to see each other. Ajit threw a flying kiss in the air toward her and Suhana caught it and pressed it to her lips.

After 2 minutes, Ajit left from there. Suhana closed the window praying for his safety and came inside. After about half an hour, Ajit called her to inform her that he has reached home safely. Suhana breathed a sigh of relief. That scene kept dancing in front of Suhana’s eyes the whole night. Thinking about those moments, she did not realize when she fell asleep.

When she woke up in the morning, her nose was red. She had gotten cold and was sneezing incessantly. The same was the condition of Ajit there. But this sneeze and runny nose instead of bothering both of them reminded them of the moments they had spent with each other last night. 

The courtship period is indeed the most exquisite and memorable moment in one’s life. In the future, whenever both of them would catch a cold, they will definitely remember this day.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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