Author Day Special

Author's Day Special by Miss Writer

Hii friends, I’m back with a new blog that will be related to me and also to people who like to write and share their points or views on specific topics. Today is Author’s Day which is for all the authors and writers around the world, who like to write their thoughts in words and share them with the whole world.

Author's Day Special

What is Author Day?

Books have their own ideas. It takes time to develop, research, design, edit, revise, and rewrite. We devour stories. We treat ourselves to them when we go to sleep or while traveling. You may also allow some flat surfaces in your home to collect dust. These stories can take years to reach a publisher, and just as long to reach a bookshelf. There may be many. Whether you prefer fiction, non-fiction, or both, authors have been telling stories that fill our hearts for thousands of years.

The author also leaves a historical record throughout the story. They mark the hours with their observations. Their stories create amazing memories of a place and seal it between the cover pages. Her books allow us to visit her again and again.

History of Author’s Day

The creator of National Author’s Day is still unknown. In 1928, Nellie Byrne suggested to Bert McPherson, president of the Women’s Club of Illinois, that she organize a day to celebrate American writers. She was a lifelong teacher and avid reader. While recuperating in a hospital during World War I, she wrote fan letters to novelist Irving Batchelor and read his story, Eben Holden’s Last Day a Fishin’, to find out how much. When Irving Batchelor got her letter, Irving Batchelor sent her a signed copy of another story.

Author’s Mental State

A person who describes their word,

They feel like they’re the free bird,

They lock their feelings by a password,

To anyone, it can’t be transferred.

It can bring some happiness into our lives,

Which can hurt anyone like a knife,

But we should always see the right way,

It can be a part of any story or play.

No matter what happens to the writer,

They don’t want any fake subscribers,

Which can create among them a divider,

Even though they aren’t good deciders.

– Miss Writer 

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