An Author

An Author
An Author

She always knew she wanted to reach the sky 
She looked up at the sky, ready to fly 

Whenever she held a book in her hand 
Her heart beats like looking at her crush again 

Oh! The smell of pages, the authenticity of words 

She brings the book close to her face, taking up all the smell, feeling her heart beat faster again 

Those stories that make her face broke into a genuine smile
She always wondered how these authors can write to this mile?

Her eyes take up all the wonders of words, 
 Thinking will ever she able to write something like that?

She reads and reads and keeps reading
Its like those books are helping her in healing

After days spent on thinking and trying 
She takes a deep breath and starts writing 

She tried, she failed, she tried, she failed

She keeps doing that 

One day she achieved what she dreamed of 
There is a tag before her name which she desired of 

Her eyes are teary with pride in her eyes
She can call herself ” AN AUTHOR” which she desires.

-Disha Dave

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