Education and Behaviour of Children Today

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Education and behaviour of children today

Education has a vital role in a student’s life. Education is the only one which can change a child’s life, but it totally depends on what the child themselves chooses for them. We can’t change their decisions but surely we can say that children are our future gems. Children are the ones who can make our country feel proud by achieving more things than any other country.

By doing it, we’ll feel good and it’ll help us only which can result in the development of our own country’s progress. Students should understand and should work by themselves only as it can improve our own country. 

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Education has a vital role in a society. When a child is born, they firstly enjoy their life for two years and after that their studies get started. Children at first don’t have any interest in studying, but later they set a goal that there’s no other option of not studying. Children are known as God’s Form. Children who are sober, calm and sincere are in the category of good ones, the ones who are arrogant, misbehaving and rude are in the category of bad ones. Children later get study work and they’ve to manage everything in a 24 hour day.

People say that children are small and if they do any bad thing, we should ignore it. But according to me, we shouldn’t ignore it, instead we should point out their faults and should improve them. If we don’t improve them, then later, once they’ll be young, they’ll make the same mistakes, and again that same process will happen. So it’s better to improve them while they’re at home. 

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Likewise, children aren’t interested in studies. They don’t like any of the subjects, and also never touch their books, because they don’t understand anything, whether it’s taught in class or written in books. Some children are like introverts who couldn’t ask their doubts in class. There are many reasons, and one of the reasons is that they aren’t comfortable with the environment and people or sir whoever is teaching them. While some children just come to class for troubling other students or to create disturbances while the teacher is teaching. When this happens, the children gets distracted and with that it affects their studies and later it impacts a major problem in their life, which can go to the failure.

Instead of being careless and creating disturbances in the environment, it’s better to remove those, who aren’t interested in studies, as it can help the teacher for teaching as well as children who are interested in studies for their better learning. Children should concentrate on studies in order to make their life bright and without any problems. When they’ll be in colleges, children who haven’t studied will suffer problems a lot, but who’ve studied and also maintained their studies properly and sincerely, they’ll get problems but still they’ll have an idea on how they can solve them. So it’s better that children should concentrate on studies.

Some says to their children to study for whole day, please don’t do like that otherwise children who’ll have an interest in studies will also lose interest from studies, so it’s better to keep watch during their study time. To keep watch on them, it means that there are some children who says that they’ll now study and later after an hour or 2, they open the gate and says that they’ve completed their studies once they’re outside that room.

If a child is saying that he or she’d studied, so you should take weekly tests, as you can understand that everything which he or she’d studied has remembered properly or just have done time pass. Like parents are tensed for their children, likewise, children should also be tensed for their own life and career, what they’ll do and what they’ve to become, everything includes in it.

Children shouldn’t compromise while they’re studying. Instead children should be sincere with their studies and also should give good performance in their studies so as to achieve something in their own life.

Thank you for giving your precious time. I hope you all are good, and stay happy always. I’ll come with another topic which can maybe help you in your own life. Thank you!!!

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