The Real Essence of Diwali

With those aureate gleaming coins

Dropping from her hand

Ma Laxmi arrives

Blessing us with the other hand

Seated on a Lotus

And adorned with a tiara of stars

She smiles

As she graces our households

Along with Ganpati, Saraswati

Kuber and Dhanvantri

Unfolding the mystery

That wealth (Laxmi)cannot be gained without knowledge (Saraswati) and wisdom (Ganpati)

And that it (wealth -Kuber) cannot be enjoyed in absence of health (Dhanvantri)

Days in advance people in all their enthusiasm

Clean their households and prepare delicious sweets

To welcome Ma Laxmi in their ornamented abodes

The aroma of oil and delicacies being prepared

As everyone prepared to please Ma Laxmi with mouthwatering prasad 

Young and old alike

Dressed in new fancy attire

Celebrating merrily with great passion and fervour

Sounds of Aarti reverberate in the atmosphere

As these darkest nights are illuminated by small earthen Diyas

Children run around in groups bursting crackers and sparklers

And elders wish each other, A Happy New Year

Diwali, Deepawali, Shyama pooja or Mahanisha

Different may be names in different states

But the essence remains the same 

The triumph

The Real Essence of Diwali
The Real Essence of Diwali

Of light over darkness

Of Good over evil

Of happiness over sorrow

And that of knowledge over ignorance

Let us also learn something from this festival

And make it a point to treat everyone as equal

Rich or poor, dark or fair

Everyone has the right to smile and pleasure

Ler there not be a household where a child sleeps hungry

And let there be no one who feels lonely

Let us learn from Dhanvantri and Ganpati

And share the wisdom of Laxmi and Saraswati

Let us be like the elephant having qualities inordinate 

And like that lotus that blooms in mud but remains vibrant

Let us be like the owl representing loyalties, penetrating sight, and intelligence

And also transcend materialism toward spiritual wealth

Let us all focus on society and community welfare rather than satisfying selfish grief

And bring out the real essence of Diwali

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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