Children’s Special

Hii friends, I’m now going to write a few lines on children. It’s emotional, funny, and also few deep and true lines where you all (children) can relate to my content.

Children's Special
Children’s Special

Children are the human form of God. It’s said that we can see God in children, yes it’s true because by their behaviour we can see and analyze God in them. No matter what happens but still children would never leave you.

If a condition like this occurs where children leave you, then understand that those children don’t know your value and also they don’t respect your feelings. They don’t care for you or love you as parents.

The first responsibility of children is to care for, love, respect, and support their family members. If a child is accomplishing all these things, then it’s a true direction that he or she is a true child. But if a child is not adopting these qualities in them, then maybe they’re not worthy to call a child. Because a child is always responsible and trying to acquire all those qualities which are told to them from time to time.

Sometimes it happens like that, children find all these, once they’re grown and reach a level where they can understand everything and without saying anything, they’ll perform tasks as per the time and conditions.  

a group of kids playing jumping rope

Children sometimes become demanding and stubborn that parents can do 2 things. Either they can scold them very badly or they can complete their every wish and demand even if it’s not possible but will manage and get things.

If parents do 1st one, then the children wouldn’t ask anything even if they want something urgently or if they fell into a problem then they’ll not seek their help as they now know that their parents are strict and will scold them only for this.

And if parents do 2nd one, then children wouldn’t value their parents’ money, will demand mostly and will not see whether they don’t want that thing, as it’s not useful for them but it’s only to show off in front of their friends.

In these both situations, parents and children both have to understand the situation and conditions. Parents at first should try to explain to them politely but never shout at them for small things, even if they’re in pain or frustration. Because of this your level of frustration is suffered by your children which isn’t good because it can result in quarrels and distance between them. 

That’s why it’s necessary to have control of them appropriately because if you don’t scold them then they would be more demanding and stubborn, and if you’re scolding them often then they start hating you, and maybe this can result in some distance between you both.

Sometimes sounds of children playing irritate us while sometimes it soothes us. It happens not because of them but it happens due to our mood swings and situations. Like when you’re irritated, it means that maybe you’re concentrating on your work and their voices are disturbing you even if you’re wearing a headset.

While the other situation comes where their voices soothe you, maybe it’s because you’re also in a mood to play something or maybe you’re not trying to relax by hearing their voices which act as music to your ear, not as a honk that irritates you.

So try to remain calm and polite with them because it’ll have a good effect on their life and it’s necessary for us to make their life heaven but not hell. Because it’ll not take a minute for children to do something bad to themselves. Try to play with them and spend some time with them, and there only you’ll find the difference between your life and their life. 

Thank you for reading this blog. Please share this with your known and loved ones which will give you a lesson and it’ll be helpful in your life. No matter what happens but don’t leave children alone, but also don’t keep a constant watch on them. Live your life and also let them live their own life.

Thank you again, and stay happy always. I’ll come up with another topic that will be helpful in your life.

 -Miss Writer 

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