The Fight

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The Fight
The Fight, A poetry on Breast Cancer fight and awareness by Angelica Mabubay

The Fight
The Fight

Thought it was just a hair loss

Normal, I’d say….

When each passing day

I’m losing all the energy, 

I can’t even stand on my own.

My hair, my crowning beauty 

It’s falling nonstop.

I don’t want to take a look in a mirror

Now that i am bald

The fear of facing this reality 

Is creeping down my nerves.

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My body is slipping away,

And the only rope that’s pulling me still

Are the friends and family which never stops to give me hope,

I am getting weaker and weaker,

But for them, I have to fight my way to live 

And defeat this illness I am with.

-Angelica Mabubay
The Fight

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