What have we done? -Year End

What have we done?
What have we done?

Soon the year will

be coming to an end

have we reflected and

asked ourselves what have

we done or accomplished

As I reflect it was a challenging 

year for everyone worldwide

trying to fight and overcome 

the pandemic which is far 

from over due to new variants

We see some of our loved ones

passed away and the discovery

of family greed and jealously 

over inheritence which was sad

and we can only pray for them

We see karma and retribution

taking place as their loved ones 

are affected by illness due to the

actions of their elders and we can

do nothing but to pray

We discovered new gift of talent

given to us by God which we never

thought of the beauty in writing 

and sharing with others through

our gift of words and actions

We know that whatever we have

accomplished are a plenty and we

must continue and let God lead us

based on our Faith to end this year 

a meaninful one 

-David Soh

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