My Growth Story as a Writer

Romila: My Growth Story as a Writer
Romila: My Growth Story as a Writer

Like everyone, I have a story to tell. I call them experiences from my life and witnessing my daily growth makes me happy.

To reach goals and overcome limits, I always tell myself that I have to grow every day which means taking one step ahead of the other. I feel if I rest, I will rust which I have experienced in the past few times. I have an active and progressive lifestyle which makes me outgrow myself. I do face obstacles and stumbling blocks too and I take that as a blessing as they help me to stretch my limits and in that way, I grow.

My Growth Story as a Writer

I wrote my first article when I was 13 and 19 years later I published my first book as an independent author. I have written over 300 pieces in different formats which can be poems, essays, debates, articles, long and short stories, and more. To that I participated in many contests, I won some and I lost some but nevertheless, I continued.

In the 25 years of my writing career, there have been times to give up and quit writing as I faced many rejections from publishers and writing companies, but continued! I wrote every day to become a well-known writer. I have read, read, and written my own words and I read everything from small pieces to big poems, scientific journals, essays, short stories, fantasy novels, guidebooks, philosophical essays, and newspaper snippets. They helped me to make my way into newspaper writing and magazines.

I am a sponge. I absorb the patterns. I absorb information. I make my own ways to reach my goal. I am happy when I write. My goal was to write an award-winning book. Once I turned into a published author, I never looked back. I published more and more books, today I stand at 18 of them. I became bigger and bigger. I hired designers for my book covers and invested in proofreading and editing. The royalties rose and I started getting early positive reviews for my books.

Published Author: No Looking Back

My open mind and learning attitude have largely shaped my caliber to learn something new whenever I attempted to write on a topic unknown. I never ever assumed that because I don’t know about the subject I can’t write about. I altered my mindset and followed different guides of writing to be what I am today. I took up lengthy assignments and projects to master that niche and today I truly say practice made me perfect. I have always asked for feedback on my work – whether it is a small poem, article, or a big fat book authored by me.

For me, seeking feedback or suggestions is better than making mistakes. The reading, learning, and writing process are never-ending. I never stopped accepting different projects because I found only a single type of writing/content style is natural to me. With more kinds in my writing style, I got more chances with many brands. The more I expanded my writing methods, the more diverse and better my writing portfolio became.

My growth as a better writer has turned out to be important in both – what I do well and what I can do. I have a strong ability to write blogs as well as product descriptions. In my writing journey, I challenged myself to do so many things that I would not normally do if I was not a writer. Apart from bouquets, I received brickbats but they did not discourage me from not moving ahead. I never gave up just because I did not initially meet my own expectations. Becoming the writer I am today is the result of a long play because anything worth doing usually takes some time to be perfect.


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