Move On- Don’t Stop

Move On- Don't Stop by Radhika Malhotra
Move On
Move On

Always keep moving is the only way to win the world. Physical disability is not an actual disability but actual disability is when you consider yourself disabled or when you stop moving due to failure in life. You cannot prove yourself only by successful events but the one who proves himself/herself after a failure is the one who actually won. So keep moving.

Sometimes while going somewhere we went on the wrong road but that doesn’t mean that we will stop travelling. The lesson we learned from our previous experience is that we should plan properly if we are not aware of the path we can take help. We had to check our path again.

You are smarter than what you think of yourself, braver than your heart knows, and more determined than your mind thinks. Believe in yourself and keep on moving. Every day is not the same as the previous one. You must try again and again, you will surely win one day. Sooner or later it will happen but the only thing is that keep moving.

-Radhika Malhotra

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