Transport day
Transport Day
TRANSPORT DAY by Radhika Malhotra

“To Run the Vehicle of Life Happily and Smoothly – Drive Safe”

— Radhika Malhotra
Transport day
Transport Day

Transportation is an important and essential part of everyone’s lives. Whether we are going to the market for shopping or going to school or office for work we need some kind of transportation. It can be any means public or private. These days every household had their own means of transportation, as it is considered a major part of life.

Usually, the marketplace, schools, and hospitals are not available at nearby places so we need Transportation to avail these services. Though transportation facilities solved lots of problems due to excessive use of these facilities, we are playing with mother Earth.

  1. These days parents provide scooty, and motor bike to their children are very tender ages for school and tuition purposes even if they are not eligible for a driving license which leads to accident cases as well.
  2. Rather than using public transportation for going to work places and offices people are preferring personal vehicles just for the sake of prestige and for more comfort.
  3. The more the number of vehicles on the road more the pollution is there.

We should encourage our children for the use of Bicycle which in return also keep them fit. As cycling is considered as the bestest exercise for whole body. We should use as much as public transportation as much as we can.

Carpooling method should be adopted by office-going people to avoid rush on the roads. It also saves fuel. Government should take strict measures regarding underage children riding motor vehicles.

I used to ride bicycle till my post-graduation. I used to go to the market, school, and college on a bicycle. It keeps me healthy and fit. Even if I got any chance to ride a bicycle I will never miss that chance.

-Radhika Malhotra

Happy World Transport Day

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