Breast Cancer-An eye in the truth and Myth

October is the month dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer awareness. It is very common these days. The question that arises is what exactly is it, and is it life-threatening? Is it curable? Is it detectable at early stages? What measures should be taken to avoid it?

breast cancer
Breast Cancer

Now breast cancer is the formation of a lump in the breast due to many reasons such as miscarriage, a sudden stop of breastfeeding, and many more.

In the early stages, it is detected and named a Tumor. If at this stage it is not cured or precaution is not taken then it takes the form of breast cancer which leads to the removal of breast following chemotherapy and radiotherapy and of course it’s very painful.

Aunt on 3rd stage Breast Cancer
Aunt on 3rd stage

Recently my aunt-in-law was detected with 3rd stage breast cancer according to doctors it’s not curable but they are trying really hard to save her life. Currently, her chemotherapy and radiotherapy are going on, and as per doctors, surgery is not possible in her case as cancer spreads all over her body. Her story is really tragic because she is right now suffering due to the negligence of one of the doctor.

One year ago she felt pain and some tenderness in her breast then without a doubt, she went to the doctor immediately then the doctor without doing any proper examination told her that its normal and give her some antibiotics. After around six months she again felt pain now she changed the doctor and received the most painful news that she is suffering from 3rd stage cancer.

ribbon representing breast cancer amidst test tubes
Detecting Breast Cancer

Now how we can detect Breast Cancer without delay?

A self-breast examination is a prime method to early detect breast cancer. If you feel any pain or any tenderness in your breast seeks your gynecologist immediately without any delay. If you had any history of breast cancer in your family keep in touch with the doctor and get a proper examination. If you had a miscarriage be watchful about the breast size and any kind of pain. If you are a lactating mom and start the weaning process do not do it on an immediate basis take proper time.

Now how we can avoid it?

As there are no foolproof remedies to get safe from it few are suggested by researchers over a period of time:

  1. Do not wear tight bras or clothes.
  2. Proper hygiene
  3. Breastfeeding also reduces the chances of breast cancer.
  4. Adopt healthy lifestyle
  5. Do self-test on a regular basis.
    Be aware and keep yourself safe.

Stay alert, and stay healthy!

-Radhika Malhotra

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