Navratri Day 2- Celebrations

Navratri Day 2
Navratri Day 2
Navratri Day 2 by Miss Writer
Navratri Day 2 Brahmacharini Maa

Navratri Day 2

The second day of Navratri is associated with the worship of Goddess Brahmacharini, another incarnation of Ma Parvati when she atones to achieve her goal of marrying Lord Shiva. It is The various names of Goddess Brahmacharini are Tapascharini, Aparna, and Uma. The Goddess, the creator of the world, holds Mara in her right hand and Kamandalu in her left hand. She always takes off her slippers. 

Goddess Brahmacharini

Goddess Brahmacharini is believed to bestow wisdom and knowledge on devotees. Her pujas bring happiness and remove all obstacles from our lives. On her second day of Navratri she worships Maa Brahmacharini and removes obstacles to progress.

Navratri Day 2
Navratri Day 2

Second Day Puja

The second day is dedicated to Brahmacharini Devi, personifying asceticism and asceticism. It symbolizes ‘moksha’ or the difficult journey to salvation. She bestows peace and divine bliss on devotees who pursue spiritual paths.

Navratri Day 2 : Red

Red is the color of the second day. Symbolizing passion and love, it is also Chunri lustful dedication to the Goddess. This day is dedicated to Mahahi Brahmacharini. This color fills a person with strength and vitality.

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