Navratri Day 3 Celebrations Continue…

Navratri Day 3
Navratri Day 3
Navratri Day 3 Celebrations Continue... by Miss Writer

Navratri Day 3
Navratri Day 3

The third day of Navratri commemorates the worship of Chandraghantha, the marital form of Maa Parvati. Chandraghanta Devi is called the goddess of spiritual and inner power. Unnecessary enemies and those who have great obstacles in their lives should be exorcised by worshiping her goddess. She always keeps her followers away from all obstacles and guarantees happiness in her life.

Navratri Day 3: Puja

The third day is the invocation of Chandra Ganta Devi, who is represented as having a ‘Chandra‘ or moon on her head. Wielding her weapon and riding a lion, she embodies her bravery and empowers her followers.

Day 3: Royal Blue

Navratri Day 3: Royal Blue

Celebrate with unparalleled elegance and grace by wearing royal blue on the third day of Navratri. Wealth and tranquility are symbolized by a vibrant shade of blue known as royal blue. On this day, Goddess Maa Her Chandraghanta is worshiped.

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