The Ganesha-The Mighty & the Humble Lord

The Ganesha
The Ganesha
The Ganesha by Durga Madhuri
The Ganesha
The Ganesha

Life Experiences:

It was a hectic day as usual, which started normally with my prayer, cooking, and serving for my family at home, then running to the office, as usual hectic, then coming back home, cooking and serving.

Nothing special till here.

Then I’ve been to bed, after speaking with my spouse in Bangalore. 

But when I slept, I could sense Lord Ganesha Blessing me.

The Ganesha

He’s been asking me to give Him what I can. And if you ask me How come it’s a Blessing, then I’d say, His Darshan itself is a Blessing, then He speaking with me, then asking a poor and lazy, crazy, negligent, an ignorant girl like me to give what I have. So it’s now definitely a Blessing. Isn’t it?

And what can one offer to God? That too, when He showers unmatchable Mercy?

Moreover to an incompetent girl like me?

I had asked Him the same.

“What do I have with me to offer YOU, please throw some light!”.

To which, he gently said, “Whatever you give, you know, I have to give you double or as many more times to it.”

So feeling the Pleasure,” and then, I have offered to Him the pencil I have had in my right hand, as I have this habit of catching a pen or a pencil all the time, if possible with a book.

He blessed me with a gracious smile and disappeared. I couldn’t understand if He accepted the Pencil, and so in order to check, I was turning here and there, and I heard Him saying, I’m coming to you, I’m the “Chandra”.

 And now the sound had disappeared too.

top view of a girl wearing checked pyjama lying down on matres
Back to the celestial World.

I have been rubbing my eyes to see Him and ears to listen to Him and when I have turned more, the chair aside to my bed was seen.

 Meaning, that now I’m back to this earthly world from that celestial dark world. 

By the next morning, it’s confirmed I’m carrying.

pregnant woman holding baby shoes in her tummy
Chandra- The Ganesha Blessing

Now, what more do I have to say!?

-Durga Madhuri

The Ganesha

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