Nutrition & Food – Healthy Eating!

Nutrition & Food
Nutrition & Food
Nutrition & Food by Durga Madhuri

One of the finest thing this Nature has given us is the “Food”.

Nutrition & Food
Nutrition & Food

Along with the 5 Natural Resources, for our survival, this Nature has gifted us Food, which is an essential of Life and is also obtained from the same Resources.

So, how best we can use Nutrition & Food that makes us Healthy? 

Nutrition & Food

After all, we’re living on Earth, we will consume what is produced out of it, and without leaving this Earth, we make a move out. So now what all we consume, should be in a proper and healthified manner. If not, we’re going to suffer and lose.

So, while few nationalities and cultures depend mostly on animals for their feed, few regions survive with flora and fauna. i.e., Plants and Crops.

For instance, Australia survives on meat, America, and the West on Bread, Tropical countries like India and Nations around survive on Rice, Dal / Cereals Pulses, then on other grains, such as Tamarind, Jaggery, Sugar Cane, Honey – a forest product, essences and then flesh.

And Vegetables like Green Chillies, Egg Plant [called Brinjal in India – the king of all Vegetables, and the most sought after fruit, but that can’t be in Fruit Salad – Tomatoes, Dry fruits, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Pepper are referred to on the whole globe. Wheat and millets, Dairy Products, Tea decoction, and Coffee Beans are no exception, but with respect to decoction, we need to be choosy to be healthy.

Though children are very much fond of Chocolate, noodles, and fried foods, we need to be tough at those points and inculcate healthy eating habits by providing them with the right knowledge of the ill effects of these kinds of junk intake.

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Inculcating the right knowledge about Healthy Eating!

Fried foods are suggested often, but in a healthy manner, without any pollutants being mixed, to ensure joints stay strong and contribute to muscle health even. 

Not to ignore the psychological, instant favors dark chocolates do but they’re harmful in the long run and if used too much, can cause heavy damage. The same principle applies to baked products even.

For sweetness, suggestive foods are beets, which are carriers of blood, iron, oxygen, calcium, and most important, Vitamins. 

Radish, Carrot, Beetroot, and Sweet Potato take an equal place in this series. Potato comes last, though taste wise it’s mostly preferred too.

Corn is also one of the most referred to as healthy food.

Gourds like Ivy, Bottle, Snake, and long gourd- are all rich in water content that protects us from many troubles occurring to us. And Bitter Gourd is an Antibiotic. 

Not to ignore the good the Leafy Vegetables does. Consumed in any way, soup, dal, pickle, curry, it helps.

And yes, Fruits – the most prominent, and available in every geography, which are seasonal also, meaning, they protect us from the harmful effects that are caused in that season.

Leaves like Neem, Mustard, Guava, Mint, Basil – we’ve to bow the favor they do to us.

Coconut adds value not only to taste but also to the temperature of the body and provides Calcium, thus making the digestive system and the muscles healthier.

Seeds like mustard are also to be preferred.

Ginger, Garlic, and Onion contribute to the health of the heart and work well with cough and help fight other ailments too.

Not to ignore that the most important product, Turmeric, is now widely known as a Natural Antibiotic, (was considered so since ancient times in Indian history though) healer, and taste and enhances the look and feel of the food as well.

So, let’s have healthy nutrition & food all the time and spread the word all over.

-Durga Madhuri

Nutrition & Food

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