Learn and Let Learn -Transforming into Literacy Spaces

Learn and Let Learn- Literate World
Learn and Let Learn- Literate World
Transforming into Literacy Spaces- Learn and Let Learn by Durga Madhuri

What do I write ??


Most educated people often behave very unethically. Neither are they aware of a few small working tips nor do they have certain disciplines to follow.

To stitch a broken button, to put different plants on hair, to entertain all kinds of audiences, how to speak with people around when in a condolences situation,  to say as an example. 

Learn and Let Learn- Literate World
Learn and Let Learn- Literate World

So transforming into Literate World isn’t just about giving degrees or Ph. Ds and convocation. Neither it is about increasing the percentage of people knowing Alphabets.

Added to this, we’re now in a digital environment where “Change is the Flow“. So we must “Educate” even the “Educated” people around us to ensure they know that they should keep them on par with the flow, keep them updated with “using digital technology “, and “enjoying/reaping its benefits”, rather than limiting themselves to some particular ambition.

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Digital Technology

And if we have ambition, we’ve to make ourselves perfect in that stream! Even if we’re not interested in/ aware of what others are doing, we’ve to ensure we’re connected with them and the world and ensure we patch people of similar interests, which helps for others’ growth. Who knows,  thus help may reap us benefit in future for us in some or the other way!

So, let’s be Passionate and Compassionate!

Learn and Let Learn should be our Slogan.

Happy Learning!

-Durga Madhuri

Learn and Let Learn

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