Teacher- A poetry by Maryam

Teachers are special 


 Always gives their best,

Takes everyone in unity and

Makes life truly blessed.

Teachers jauntily act like a friend

Always worked hard to let us understand.

Through each goal 

They help to reach

The future will get brighten

In each class what they teach.

They always care about their stuff

We’re grateful as thank you isn’t enough.

They wash minds and

Escort the thoughts,

Enhanced level up and

Reshuffle flaws and faults.

Guides are special ones in a child’s heart

They help everyone to make a new start.

Never ever forget 

The wisdom they bring,

They advise mistakes

And Inspire in everything.

Showing regards for each work done

Each teacher will remain always number One

Help to build confidence

Even so deep inside,

Also, build hidden talent

Which after glares with pride.



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