Oh My Lord Ganesha!

Oh my Lord Ganesha!
Oh my Lord Ganesha!

Oh my Lord Ganesha,

Vinayaka, Vighnaharta,

Kindly lend ears to the paupers’ plea.

Accept the ladoos and the modaks,

And shower us with your benevolence.

The doting son of Shiva,

You are the possessor of great power;

Bless us with lifelong peace and love.

You, the remover of obstacles,

Can undoubtedly shield us from ruins.

The god of beginnings,

You are the patron of arts and sciences,

You are the deva of wisdom and intellect.

Kindly accept the tilak of sindoor,

And grant us the wisdom to triumph in life.

– Athira A.
Ganesha Song

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