The Art of Forgiving

The Art of Forgiving
The Art of Forgiving   (Image credits: DeshGujarat)
Dear readers… This blog is dedicated to the virtues of the art of forgiving, the noblest human quality a human being can possess.
The Art of Forgiving
The Art of Forgiving   (Image credits: DeshGujarat)

Suppose I do not choose to forgive, then?

Is pardoning the sole way to cure the suffering that somebody else has inflicted upon me? 

What if the individual who harmed me would not confess what they did, or they just would not express any regret? 

Or what if I truly cannot get myself to honestly let off the other person? 

Plenty of people insist that, in that case, there are only two choices:

1). Pardon and discharge yourself from the trauma. 

2). Decline to forgive, and be permanently caught in a prison of your toxic emotions. 

The Art of Forgiving PC: shuttershock

Nevertheless, there’s another alternative. It’s Acknowledgment or acceptance. 

Acceptance encourages you to do the following:

1). Empty your head of personal bitterness. 

2). Be genuine to yourself. 

3). Forgive yourself for any of your declines that led you to permit yourself to be positioned in the way of damage. 

4). Prefer to get along with the person who harmed you, even if you don’t like them or even if it’s in your best interest to do so. 

Acceptance includes the following:

1). Respect the entire expanse of your feelings. 

2). Let go of the desire for retaliation, while going on to seek an exact explanation. 

3). Avoid being tormented about the pain. You can do this by questioning your unfavorable ideas, and by adopting relaxation and meditation for yourself.

4). Outline the wrongdoer’s conduct in terms of their battles. 

5). Glance truthfully at your contribution to what had resulted. 

6). Put up any essential steps to defend yourself from additional insults. 

7). Determine what kind of a connection, if any, you expect with the wrongdoer. 

Quit explaining to yourself that because particular things took place for you in the past, you can’t have what you hope for in the present or the future. 

Rather, take accountability for getting through life, despite anything that anyone may have committed to you. 

You can achieve this by changing your position from a Victim mentality to a Creator mentality. 

This is YOUR life. You can CHOOSE to exist a satisfying and happy life. 

Strengthen a Forgiving Day! 


-Shashi Thakur

The Art of Forgiving

The Art of Forgiving

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