Dear Destiny!

Dear Destiny!
Dear Destiny!
Dear Destiny, poetry by our Guest Blogger Kalashri Barve
Dear Destiny!
Dear Destiny!

O dear destiny writer,
do you ever use an eraser?
If, yes! Then why you use a pencil but not a pen?
If, no! Then, what you write is only permanent?
If it is temporary, do I have a chance to correct the change?
If, permanent then why should I take any efforts to be sane?
However, you are completely perfect, I have been told that,
then why do you add mistakes in our act?

Come take birth on earth to feel our pain,
You will realize that, it is not bearable to live again and again.
But still, we try hard to die perfect,
which is again judged by karma’s inspect!
O no no, not again,
Better you remove the desires, from your book of records and just replace love in the whole Institute of your aim!
O dear destiny writer,
Please stop playing such tactful games!

-Kalashri Barve

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