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Forgive the sun who didn’t shine
The sky had asked her to dine
Forgive the stars that heard your wish
The moon prepared their favorite dish
Forgive the rain for its attack
The clouds have tears they can’t hold back

Don’t hate the birds cause they are free
Don’t envy all the things they see
Don’t block the wind, but hear its cry
Or else that wind may pass you by
Forgive the earth that never turns
Don’t hate the sun because of too many burns
Life intents to not cause pain
The flower bloom from all the rain
The storm will come and it will pass
The sun that shines, it grows the grass
The wind cannot help but cry
The stars at night light up the sky
Forgive the world in which we live
We’ll all find peace if we forgive

-Papillion Hejduk

This is the poem that I love the most about forgiveness. We hold grudges against people for what they did to us. But every action has a reason. If we try to find the reason for their action, we may be able to sympathize with them and then forgive them as well.

The other day I was watching a video. A man(X) misbehaves with another man(Y) who was from another country. X accused Y that because of people coming from other countries, who are the true citizens of that country are becoming jobless.

Later, X came to know that Y was his new boss. He hated him all the more because he felt that now Y would throw him out of the company. But Y didn’t do so. Rather, he made X the leader of his team.

X was confused and he asked Y the reason for the same. Y said, “I belong to the nation of Gandhi who taught us to forgive and who also told us to hate the sin, love the sinner

Y continued, “I forgave you for your misbehavior because you had a reason for your hate towards me. Rather than forgiving your act, if I had removed you from the job, you would have hated me and my country all the more which I would have never wanted. I am here as your boss because I am qualified for this job. I am not here to snatch your jobs but am here due to my abilities and experience. It will help your Nation to grow and generate more jobs. I am here to help and grow, not to hurt the people here.”

X felt embarrassed about his behaviour and apologized. He also expressed his gratitude for clearing his misunderstanding.

Someone once told me that forgiving without forgetting the wrong done by the other is not forgiving in the true sense.

Such forgiveness won’t give you peace of mind. If you forgive someone, forgive with all your heart and hold no grudges later.

Nobody is perfect, and neither are you.
If others make mistakes, you do so too
Learn to forgive for you to seek forgiveness
If others can forgive you, you too learn to forgive and bless

Don’t hold grudges, life is too short
Forgive and forget, garner love and respect a lot
Love thyself and love all
Make peace and break the animosity wall

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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