Tommy – The Pet Messiah

Tommy - The Pet Messiah
Tommy - The Messiah is a blog by Rekha Mittal Gupta describing how a pet turned messiah to all the likes of his kind at a dog shelter. Read on and share your love in the comments.
Tommy - The Pet Messiah
Tommy – The Pet Messiah

Mr. Prateek was a family man with a charming wife – Mrs. Sidhi Sahay and a gorgeous daughter – Ms. Romila Sahay.

Oh! I am extremely sorry, I forgot to mention the most important member of their family – their lovable, pampered Labrador Retriever Tommy.

All were extremely fond of him. They called themselves his parents and sister. Even when Romila’s uncles and aunts came to visit them, he greeted them with full enthusiasm and they reciprocated equally.

Mr. Sahay always felt safe going for a couple’s night out leaving behind his daughter in the safe custody of their pet- Tommy.

Life’s journey is a kind of roller coaster ride and Mr. Sahay’s life hit the bottom of the ride when all of sudden Mrs. Sahay started developing allergies causing lots of trauma and pain for them.

On proper treatment and examination, it was diagnosed as being caused by Tommy’s dander. The family tried to take every possible precaution to prevent this but to no avail.

Finally, with a heavy heart, they had to bid farewell to the most loved member of their family. It was a teary, heart-wrenching farewell, where Tommy couldn’t even comprehend the reasons for this abandonment.

They left him in a dog shelter home filled with lots of abandoned, ill, or stray dogs.

Tommy’s life has become a living hell as most part of his life, he had spent with loving, caring humans away from his own types. Adjusting there was a challenge for him because he was not accepted by other dogs initially.

Gradually, he started adjusting to his new home. Other dogs also started enjoying his company as he was playful and cooperating. Once, while he was lying in the corner, he saw two puppies crying and howling just near the gate of the shelter home. He went near them and started caressing them. He found that they were wet. He immediately got into action and called the caretakers of the shelter home. They rushed and took care of the scared puppies. The caretakers patted Tommy for his wit.

The two puppies then always strolled, played, and remained with Tommy. They found a father in him.

Tommy felt a new lease on life. He got a purpose for his life.

Whenever he saw any dog or puppy in pain, he would call the caretakers. Whenever a fight broke out between or among dogs, he would act as the pacifier taking control of the situation and bringing things back to normal.

Whenever any dog was hurt or new, he would devote his 100% to taking care of him and helping him recover/adjust.

The dogs started considering him as their leader: he created a niche for himself. All the dogs there now respected him.

The owner and caretakers of that shelter home had started also trusting and liking Tommy. Tommy too had started loving his life for he was able to do something fruitful for his community rather than just getting pampered and loved and wasting life doing nothing.

He was grateful to Mr. Sahay for letting him go so that he could see his own new side and become a strong contributing member of his society.

He was loving his new self and new life.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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