Family Bond – Moon for Papa, Stars for Kids

Family Bond - Moon for Papa, Stars for Kids
A lovely blog on how the various Indian festivals are also a reason for a strong family bond. By Rekha Mittal Gupta
Family Bond
Family Bond – Moon for Papa, Stars for Kids

Five-year-old Parth was bouncing with elation. Till now, he had no inkling about festivals and occasions. For him, holi meant playing with colours, water, and flowers; Diwali meant wearing new clothes, eating lots of sweets and bursting crackers and some other festivals meant school holidays, but now he had begun deciphering a bit about Indian culture and tradition.

The cause of his joy was the festival of Karwachauth. He was admiring his mom who was looking like a glamorous diva to him – mehndi clad hands, red and golden sari, matching bangles, nail paint, lipstick, bindi…….

The day before Karwachauth, when his mom was busy with the festival preparation, he had asked her what was she busy with and why. At that time, his mom Preeti had told him that she would keep fast the next day for the good health and long life of Parth’s dad. She explained to him about the fast. Innocent Parth asked Preeti “ Who keeps fast for your good health and long life?”

His dad who was listening to mom son’s conversation intervened, “I keep fast for your mom’s good health and long life

Parth was overjoyed and he loved this concept of spouses keeping fast for each other.

At night, after offering prayers to the moon, his mom and dad fed each other and of course little Parth.

When the three of them went to bed, Parth’s mom found him gloomy. “What happened, beta?” she asked.

He replied, “You both have prayed for each other’s long life and good health. What about me? Nobody wishes for my well being”

Awww, my baby!! four days later, there is Ahoi Ashtami. We both will keep fast for you that day. Today we offered our prayers to the moon, that day we will offer our prayers to the stars”, Preeti enlightened him.

Momma, you will get ready the same way as you got ready today“, he inquired

” Of course, beta“, she said cuddling him and they all went to sleep.

On Ahoi Ashtami day, Parth too wore new traditional attire. He tried his best to keep fast for his parents the way his parents had kept fast for him but the baby couldn’t do so.

Anyways, when his parents went to the terrace to offer prayers to the stars, he screamed, “No, mumma no. The one you are looking at is not a star. See it is shining very brightly. It is the planet Venus. You are keeping fast for my good health. Please don’t be reckless. Wait for some more time. Let the stars shine, then offer your prayers”

His parents smiled at each other and waited for more stars to twinkle in the sky.

A little while later, when the shining stars adorned the night sky, Parth jumped with elation, ” Stars aa gaye, stars aa gaye

His parents offered their prayers and took the first bite from Parth’s hands.

This is the beauty of Indian festivals – they strengthen the family bond all the more.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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