The Last Resort

The Last Resort
The Last Resort
The Last Resort by Ashu Verma Chaubey is a fun poetic read about the mischievous little pet and its acting skills. Enjoy the fun read and share your views in the comment section.
The Last Resort
The Last Resort

One fine wintery night in Delhi
When I was deeply engrossed in study
While listening to my favourite music on 93.4 FM
Sleeping upside-down dramatically
Beneath the Burmese-teak settee

I tried waking him up, calling him by his pet-names
But all my efforts were in vain
I tried moving him
But he would fall down every time I tried to make him sit

I started crying inconsolably and woke up my mom
Oh! MOM, our dear BLACKY’s gone
Mom suspects some mischief
Served him eggs, Coke, and paneer
But the poor innocent creature
Just couldn’t get up
Even to eat his favourite delicacies
All our efforts were in vain
Then Mom thought of a completely different plan

In our attempts to revive our little darling
MOM, as the last resort
Threw a bucket filled with ice-cold water at him

Putting an end
To his SUPERB ACTING sequence
As he ran around the house
Finding a place to hide
To escape the result of his moronic pretense!

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