The Sweetest Temptation

The Sweetest Temptation
The Sweetest Temptation
Dear readers… Shashi Thakur has penned down her musings about the purpose of World Chocolate Day.
The Sweetest Temptation
The Sweetest Temptation

World C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E Day

We never knew until very recently that the world could also celebrate Chocolate Day. In India, we only know that Chocolate Day is celebrated during Valentine’s Week. 

Well if it does, then why not join in on the worldwide celebration wholeheartedly on 7th July. After all, we Indians are well-known to find every reason to rejoice. Besides, chocolate is recognized for its tremendous health benefits.

Chocolates and devouring them are very much a part of our everyday lives and they do deserve a place in our catalog of shopping deals. Though not overly, once in a while it does make its existence felt in the refrigerator in my household.

In my family, everyone enjoys eating milk chocolate, even if it’s just a small piece. My daughter since her childhood has had the habit of sharing chocolates with one and all generously; in the family, among her neighborhood friends, and with her school buddies during her birthday celebration.

I’m addicted to dark chocolate and I have the habit of gifting them and milk chocolate as well on each one of my close friends and relatives’ birthdays or anniversaries escorted by a real gift. 

Even if I’m called upon by one of them, I take some chocolates along with me as souvenirs. Especially, because their packaging is so attractive nowadays. And if somebody very close to us drops in at my home on usual days, I make sure to treat them to any of the delicious desserts made with chocolate powder, bar or syrup.


As the world celebrates World Chocolate Day on July 7, here are some fascinating facts from around the world. It is assumed that chocolate was launched in Europe in 1550. To observe the introduction of chocolates to the world, World Chocolate Day has been dedicated since 2009.

The Importance of Chocolate Day

There are numerous statements about the history of the alliance between Chocolate Day and Valentine’s Day week. The most significant explanation depicts prominent chocolate maker and philanthropist, Richard Cadbury. Valentine’s Day started getting global attention in the 1840s.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldChocolateDay

  1. Attend any of the popular restaurants in your town and enjoy munching a delicious chocolate dessert.
  2. Hold a gathering to taste chocolate and persuade friends to share their best chocolate recipes before all.
  3. Discover the different varieties of chocolates from across the world.

So friends, just go out and devour unapologetically the most popular sweet temptation in the form of irresistible CHOCOLATES anytime and anywhere.

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-Shashi Thakur

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