Gateway to Abundant Happiness

Gateway to abundant happiness
Gateway to Abundant Happiness
Dear readers… Shashi Thakur has penned down my musings on the emotion of happiness, as it is very essential for our wellbeing. Only a happy person can make others happy too.
Gateway to abundant happiness
Gateway to Abundant Happiness

“Mummy, this cake is so yummy, please give me some more slices of it.” 

I earnestly used to request my mother whenever she made a cake at home. My mother used to make the yummiest of the cakes even in a pressure cooker. We did not have an oven in those days. 

Apart from the cakes, she also used to make delicious snacks, both sweet and savory, throughout the year. We never had to buy snacks from outside.

If you have sweet memories, you never let the time fly away. I’m talking about the blessed childhood each one of us has experienced in our lifetime.

Those carefree days of our school life, where we would only bother about our studies. Classwork at the school in the morning time, then homework at home during the afternoon, and finally outdoor playtime in the evening.

We’d return home to have dinner and chat with the family members and then go back to sleep, after setting our next day’s school timetable. Life was as simple as that, more than three decades ago.

The games I played back then were hopscotch, kabaddi, chukaiya kabaddi, and of course hide and seek. I enjoyed playing those games almost daily, and so did my friends.

There were quarrels and tantrums amongst us, but we used to forget our fights very soon and laugh once again. So pure was the childhood friendship.

Happiness or joy is a blissful state of mind that is infectious to both the carrier and the people around. Such is the power of this emotion.

Even God wishes not to go to the sulking people, as he has designed a human being to always remain happy to function maximally. So we must keep ourselves with plenty of joie de vivre.

I experience joy… basking in the winter sun doing mundane activities like stitching embroidery or peeling peas or even clicking pictures of roses and other flowers in full bloom in my garden.

I experience joy… while preparing a craft. Two years ago during the lockdown period, I learnt to make paper roses, and rakhis during the Rakshabandhan festival using ribbons and pearls, and also a few dolls using small plastic bottles and bright pieces of lacy clothes.

I experience joy… moving around the home in my wheelchair and dusting off the furniture surfaces and the showpieces, as far as my hands reach out. By doing so, I always feel as if I’ve cleaned a layer of dust from my mind as well.

I experience joy… by just looking at the babies and small children, who show us to be pure, guileless, always remain joyous, and give a smile without any reason.

I experience joy… while reading amazing write-ups of all the fabulous women, who are my sources of inspiration on the writing platforms, and also while receiving their appreciation for my simple blogs and quotes.

After reading such wonderful stories written by fellow bloggers on various platforms, for whom I have sincere gratitude, let’s hope that we women carve out a niche for ourselves in 2022 and onwards too, after proving ourselves to be our best despite the most difficult circumstances for the past two years.

During the lockdown, I had tried my best to be introspective, by moving toward the spiritual side of life and found that it is best to let go of the negativity we hold for people around us, to be truly happy.

I still remember a word of advice from my father, “Beta… Follow your gut instinct in leading a happy life, and for that, you must learn to say NO to family and friends too, even if they are disheartened.”

As much as possible, spread the joy all around, and it will come back to us surely and for a good reason, for everlasting positivity.


Shashi Thakur

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