Our Kiddo’s Sunshine

Our Kiddo's Sunshine
Pic Courtesy: alamm Our Kiddo's Sunshine
Dear readers… This is my fictional take on the prompt - Kid's love, to demonstrate at what lengths the parents can go to bring joy to their kid's life. -Our Kiddo's Love by Shashi Thakur
Our Kiddo's Sunshine
Pic Courtesy: alamm Our Kiddo’s Sunshine

Hi, I am Leena. Like most moms with small kids, I had a harrowing time dealing with their mood swings and tantrums during the pandemic lockdown for the last two years.

It was heartbreaking to keep them locked inside the homes, for safety reasons, much against their wishes. Then see them sulking and crying for an hour or so.

Not just the children, but we as homemakers also had to bear the brunt of our demanding husbands and the rest of the family members, within the four walls of our homes.

All of these took a toll on the mental health, especially on the ladies of the house, who engaged in an endless number of chores. Though we do find satisfaction in seeing the happy faces of our near and dear ones.

Well, here I’m going to focus on my six years old son Suraj, who was going through a not-so-happy phase even after getting connected to his friends and cousins daily online. Sure, he is close to me, and his Dad as well. But still, he misses the companionship of his friends.

Going through a magazine, I came across a suggestion, that most kids find a house pet as their best companion round the clock. I thought why not give this a try. So I talked to my husband Vipin.

“Listen dear… can we buy and bring home a pet for our sonny, who seems so depressed for not going outside the home?”

“Hmm… that’s a good suggestion, dear Leena. We should bring home a pet for our son Suraj, who seems to have lost his sunshine a long time ago. The lockdown for the past two years has taken away the smiles on the faces of the children in every home.”

“I have already asked Suraj dear, what kind of a pet he wants, a parrot, a cat, or a dog. He earnestly replied he wants a dog’s pup.”

“Alright, then wait till tomorrow morning,” Vipin said gladly.

But getting a pet during the pandemic time was easier said than done. Almost all of the pet shops had closed down, with the owners referring to selling the paws online, avoiding direct contact with the clients. 

Surprisingly for us, all the furry beings in all the shops were sold, to ward off boredom in those trying times. All of these disappointed us for some days. So, we put in an advertisement online for a pup to adopt. 

Thankfully, a female dog belonging to a family at the other end of the city had delivered a couple of pups a few days ago. We as desperate parents immediately contacted that family, to buy one pup from them.

A week later, Vipin presented our son Suraj with a basket attractively covered with nets and red ribbons. Our kid seemed to be puzzled at first. 

By holding it up and down, when he finally heard a feeble sound of a puppy, his happiness knew no bounds.

And carefully Suraj himself unwrapped the nets and ribbons of the basket, to find out a cute little Pomeranian inside. Instantly he held the pup in his arms, looking delighted.

He came over to thank me and his Dad, by hugging us. For hours at a stretch, he played with the new pet, whom he lovingly gave the name Sunny.

As for us, we had to do anything for the sake of our son’s happiness, as our Ghar ka Suraj (the sun of our home) finally found his smile after a long time. As if he received his sunshine after days and months of cloudiness or gloominess.🐕

-Shashi Thakur

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