The best ways to strengthen the family bonds 

Dear readers… going through the information from various experts, I have suggested the most basic advice to enhance the bonds of the family by Shashi Thakur

Times have changed for a generation or two, as every soul out there without caring for fellow beings, is in a rat race to lead, mostly on professional terms.

Unfortunately, the people who are dependent on us, like the children and the aged parents, are facing the fallouts of our behavior.

Among the young children, there are reduced confidence levels and poor communication skills. While the senior citizens feel neglected and often go into depression.

Recently, Finland topped the charts for being the happiest nation in the world for the fifth consecutive year. While India was not even on the list of 150 countries, on the happiness index.

It’s so ironic that we Indians feel so proud to uphold family values, through a joint family structure. But on the other hand, pay no attention at all to check whether or not we are indeed happy. So sad, isn’t it?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!… We can see this as a sign of the slowly disappearing family bond

Research has proved that when families spend time enjoying activities together, children develop higher self-esteem and also learn important social skills. Robust family bonds improve children’s academic performance and strengthen parent-child communication.

-Richard David Bach

As a parent, if you want to make a solid foundation in protecting and cultivating these family bonds, then commit to the following indispensable strategies.

  • Eat Meals together – 

Eating meals together positively affects children’s mental and physical well-being. It reinforces communication and strengthens family bonds.

  • Schedule Family Time – 

Choose a regular night, perhaps once a week when the entire family gets together to talk or play or do any fun activity.

You can plan outings too, like a picnic or sightseeing, taking along the whole family. You can also enjoy every festival together.

  • Do Chores Together – 

Make a list of chores and make sure everyone does his/her share. Doing chores together enables a sense of teamwork.

Once the entire chores are done, you can make it rewarding by going out to have ice cream or go to watch a movie together.

  • Have Family Meetings – 

Family meetings, whether impromptu or due to an urgent need, are a good time for everyone to check in with each other, express grievances, or discuss plans ahead.

Emphasize the need to be kind, considerate, and respectful. The goal is to solve family issues productively.

  • Encourage Support – 

Encourage everyone to learn what is important to their family members and do their best to support each other through the good and bad times.

The goal is to rejoice together when things go well, and not lose heart when things don’t go as planned. When families feel supported, getting through tough times becomes easier.

  • Support Your Child’s Interest – 

If your child is interested in sports, music, dance, or drama, provide support in some way. Show your kids that you want to assist them in any kind of pursuit.

If you are unsure about where you can help, you better ask your kids. Asking demonstrates that you care about the things they are interested in.

  • Volunteer Together – 

Research has shown that the more we give, the happier and more grateful we feel in our lives. Giving your time and energy to go out and make someone’s life better is always a powerful learning experience.

Volunteering exposes the kids to different types of people and increases their respect for those who are different from them. It also teaches the children to be more empathetic and less self-centered.

  • Join Other Families

We all are part of a community, so make sure your family is building relationships within your neighborhood, your school network, or a club that you frequently visit.

Doing things together with other families strengthens your family bonds and helps you see how your family members interact with others.

Family Bond

Remember that your children learn by example. The best way to set a perfect example for them is by placing a high value on the family. There is no greater gift that you can give your family… and no better way to strengthen your family bonds… than making your family a priority.


-Shashi Thakur

Family Priority

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