Dearest Treasure💕- Happy International Girl Child Day

Happy International Girl-Child Day
Dearest Treasure
Dearest Treasure, A sweet note on Happy International Girl Child Day by Harshita Udani
Happy International Girl Child Day

Dear, you are the most fortunate gift bestowed,
My most precious jewel in the crown,
You are my life-long companion and my best friend from the heart.
A modest hug and a peck on the cheek
Smoothens away all my worries
Your delightful face brightens my day
Your constant blabbering keeps the monotony at bay
My darling daughter you are an angel colouring my world with a myriad of hues
You are my greatest treasure
You are my fairytale come true!

Truly Girl Child are a blessing in themselves. A jewel very precious and rare. Blessed to have and be one…

-Harshita Udani
Happy International Girl Child Day
Dearest Treasure

Happy International Girl Child Day

6 thoughts on “Dearest Treasure💕- Happy International Girl Child Day”

  1. Indeed, daughter is a prized possession by any mother. We can see our mother in her when we need our mom. Daughters laugh with you when you laugh, and give you a warm hug when you are depressed or under a stress. Your heart beats in your daughter; she can understand you, even if she is not be able to express it clearly (which may happen at times); she may not sure about how to communicate herself to her mother…..Sometimes the simplest relationships have the most complex feelings and difficulty in communication, but love and patience can pave the way.

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