Notes to myself 

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Notes to Myself -My Diary
The habit of maintaining a diary has been inculcated in me through my late mother. I used to see her penning down a few lines every night and found this habit fascinating enough.
Notes to Myself -My Diary

Hello myself,

Finally, I got an opportunity to write about my best ally for years. A supporter who has always been with me through the thick and thin of life, who is non-judgmental and confidante to all my secrets.

Without wasting time let me introduce you to my best friend… My Diary.

“Hello, my dear diary,”

“People around me wish to know what kind of a person exactly I am?” I requested.

“Oh, that sounds so interesting. I’ve seen you all these years, right from your school days to the current time. You haven’t changed one bit.” The diary said humbly.

“So, please describe my true self. I know that you won’t embarrass me.” I confided in my diary.

“Yes… I know you from the inside out. I’ll tell the whole world, what makes you jittery about it, and how to make amendments.” The diary continued pointwise.

“No.1… you don’t express your feelings effectively, but suppress them. For example, if you are overburdened with the household chores, ask your hubby and mother-in-law to share the work.”

“No.2… you give more importance to the other person, whether known (in family and friends) or unknown (strangers). Please, give value to yourself too.”

“No.3… you still have some bad habits like procrastination and never meeting your deadlines. Learn to pull your socks up.”

“No.4… you think positively no doubt, but fluctuate to negativity at the slightest provocation. For example, if someone criticizes you, you feel low instead of taking them as constructive criticism.”

“No.5… I appreciate the fact that you love being in the company of nature, admiring all kinds of trees, plants, and flowers, even the grass. Never let anyone harm them.”

“No.6… you are a perfectionist, keeping note of every minutest detail regarding anything, from making a dish to penning a write-up. It’s alright if a few things don’t match up to your expectations. Just chill.”

“To sum it up… you’re an introverted person who still can improve, by getting rid of your insecurities..” My diary concluded.

These are the pieces of advice I’ve been getting, whenever I jot down something in my diary. Making a diary as your friend can change your life for good.

Writing a diary may seem absurd or boring to many people. But believe me, concentrating your thoughts and putting them down on paper makes room for self-learning. and helps you think through everything better.

Writing out thoughts has made many people famous. The most famous and notable examples are, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank (non-fictional diary) and ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid‘ (fictional diary). Many novels are also structured in this format.

My diary and I are almost the same, always criticizing and complimenting each other.

Yours lovingly,


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