Self Love – A Letter to Myself

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Self Love - A Letter to Myself
Self Love - A Letter to Myself by Sudipta Mishra
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Self Love – A Letter to Myself

Dear Myself, 

I hope my letter finds you well. I am super excited to write a letter to you. 

I want to confess to you one thing. Being inspired by self-love, nowadays, I begin to celebrate my essence.

Gone are the days of my futile endeavour to achieve something. 

Nowadays, I invest in self-love and how to glorify myself in the present moment.

I have left caring for trivial people. I only seek pleasure in concentrating on my responsibility for my society by discarding negative thoughts. 

In this impersonal note, let me tell you one thing to leave toxic people who damage your life. 

Learn to let go of things to derive joy from the smallest things.

I hope you will follow my golden ideas to become a lofty and compassionate being.

Take care of yourself.

Your and only your

Sudipta Mishra

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