A Letter to my Father

My Father
My Father
A Letter Dad who is far in another realm by Sudipta Mishra
My Father
My Father

Dear Papa,

I know you are not always with me,

But I watch you gleaming just like the North Star

In every vision of my life, I see your dreams

Embellished in reverence, I would like to fulfil them into reality

I can fill thy alluring presence in my fragile being

Through your blessings, you always feel your presence

By standing like an invisible light, you watch me in silence

You are not here but I can sense your luminous existence

Oh, my adorable father

Due to you, I can breathe here

Without thy blessings,

I am a hollow being

My soul offers an unseen prayer

I can feel you far from here

Above the sky, you dazzle like a star

I can sense you in the yonder blue

Everywhere, I feel you like an eternal view.

Sudipta Mishra

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