My Lord Krishna

My Lord Krishna
My Lord Krishna
My Lord Krishna by Sudipta Mishra
My Lord Krishna
My Lord Krishna

O my Lord Krishna, you dwell on my thoughts

You are the generator of  this cosmos 

Methinks without thee, futility reigns everywhere

Every time I can hear the sound of the flute like a never-ending rhythm

I feel you in my mind like an ever-increasing stream 

Thy message transcends beyond the mortal realm 

In thy lotus feet, I bow with an unconditional belief

Nobody can harm me 

Every moment of my  life is adorned with thine   blessings

I may die

But my indestructible soul will crave for thy glimpse

Oh, Master of this Universe, purify us with thy divine preachings,

Let’s rethink the grand saga of Mahabharata

No matter how strong is an evil person

He will be repealed by the divine intervention  

Truth will prevail over injustice

With this undying truth, let me take refuge in an unseen company 

-Sudipta Mishra
My Lord Krishna

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