Wonders Of Nature

Wonders of Nature
Wonders of Nature
Wonders of Nature-A beautiful poetry by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Wonders of Nature
Wonders of Nature

Lying in bed, listening to the pitter-patter of rain
The early morning symphony of birds takes away all strain
The fragrance of blossoms dispersed all around the reign
In the magnificence of nature, I discover myself detain

The twilight sky and the autumnal trees
The melody of verdant foliage when touched by the breeze
The colourful blooms take away all the unease
Chromatic nature brightens our soul and makes our eyes appease

The kaleidoscopic blossoms, the clear blue sky and the sea
The conspicuous plume of birds makes our hearts joyously bounce and flee
The Aurora Borealis festoon the sky looking like a marquee
Cheers us all, fillings our hearts with contentment and glee

Thank you Dear Nature for bestowing a world so prismatic
Colours of nature beautify our world and make our lives ecstatic
The glamour of nature is so very charismatic
I am in love as it makes my heart romantic.

Nature is home to amyriad of flora and fauna
The twinkling stars have their own glorious aura
Meditating in the lap of nature helps us reach nirvana
The fragrance of nature intoxicates the soul more than marijuana

New mysteries unfold about nature now and then
Ocean beds and mountain peaks are explored time and again
Why can’t we see, thatour acts are giving our nature pain
Have you thought without nature, what would ofallofusremain?

The mountains, the waterfall and there is a plethora of beauty
Preserving nature is our absolute and utmost duty
In our arrogance, humans are becoming snooty
Harming nature and not hearing itsmerciful plea

Pollution, deforestation wastage and contamination
All this is wounding the wildlife and plantation
Let’s each one of us take a vow to work for its rehabilitation
The epiphany of SAVE NATURE can lead to our salvation

-Rekha Gupta Mittal

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