World Environment Day – How Can We Stay Alive, When We Have Poisoned our Life?

world environment day
World Environment Day - The Future of Earth is in our hands.
It's not that we are helpless but it's that we have snatched the life force out of the elements responsible to help us live a happy and healthy life. Let's change to reverse gear before we encounter "Dead End" on World Environment Day
world environment day
World Environment Day – The Future of Earth is in our hands.

“Mumma, who is Cancer. Is it some devil?”, asked Rohit.

“Where did you get to know about it?”, his mother questioned.

“Cancer is forcing my friend’s mom to leave her and go to some faraway deserted place to stay alone”, replied the innocent boy.

“Yes indeed, it’s a devil my boy”, replied his Mom.

It’s a blood-thirsty devil that’s ruthlessly taking on all of us.

“But why does Durga Ma not reincarnate to slash its throat and free humanity of its pangs then? You had told me that whenever devils and Rakshasaas create havoc, Ma in some form or the other incarnates to annihilate them”, said Rohit.

“Supposedly, this time Durga Ma is angry too because we humans have disrespected and disregarded her adorable sister, Dharti Ma”, answered his mother.

“How has Dharti Ma been offended by us? What have we done? Did she incarnate and we forgot to offer her prayers and prasad”, Rohit asked innocently.

“No my son, Ma is never hungry for prayers or prasad. She just needs our love, affection, and honest approach towards her various swaroops. Dharti Ma is none other than this Earth that we live on and Annapurna Ma resides in the food that we eat. They along with Vayu devta, Aakash devta, and Jal devta quenched our desires. These five elements together were responsible for creating a balanced atmosphere for mankind to survive. They worked with all their energy towards developing a favorable environment for all beings to survive comfortably.”

“Mother Earth pierced her heart and out germinated the blooms, multifarious flora, and fauna, that helped Vayu devta circulate pure oxygen in our atmosphere for us to breathe and Annapurna Ma to produce grains, herbs, and vegetation to nourish and sustain us.”

“She offered all the invaluable minerals as offerings to help Jal devta serve us natural mineral rich water that flowed in the springs and rivers to drink and to use for other purposes so that we would remain healthy and hearty.”

“The cool atmosphere maintained by Jal devta and Vayu devta by incarnating in various forms like snow, clouds, rains helped Agni devta keep its energies well in control.”

“Hence the circle of life in all its purity was created. But we humans turned into greedy rakshasas who went about savagely exploiting them. In spite of facing the cruelty, our nurturers kept on nourishing us for decades. Dharti Ma though time and again devised ways to teach us to be thankful to them and abandon our greed, but for generations, we ignored her pleas”.

“And in the name of advancement, modernization, industrialization, urbanization we created jungles.”

“Jungles of concrete produced in venomous serpent emanating factories, In the name of advancement, facilities, comfort and ease of use, we replaced natural gifts by those artificial man made poisons. We created plastics, chemicals, hydrocarbons, CFC’s and various other side products in the name of development. And all the more the toxic waste produced as a byproduct of the manufacturing process of these items was fed to Vayu devta and Jal devta instead of the pious fumes of yagna that were required by them for their contentment.”

“Though they resisted it for quite a long time, their digestive system finally succumbed to these toxic offerings and the natural gases they produced gave way to these fumes in the atmosphere and the natural minerals in our springs started degenerating under pressure.”

“Dharti Ma, still hopeful about her future, put up a brave front. She advised her forests to produce more oxygen to be released into the atmosphere to revive vayu devta. She asked already succumbing Annapurna Ma to help her but she couldn’t do much as she too was giving way to the double attack, first that of the venom offered to Jal devta and second, that was offered directly to her in the name of pesticides and chemicals showered upon her to force her to produce more for the ever expanding population.”

“Dharti Ma was now left alone in this battle and was putting up a brave fight on all fronts from her jungles. But human beings attacked them too. They cut the jungles mercilessly for colonization and for other purposes. They also brutally slashed their residents for enjoyment.”

“Now even Dharti Ma was left all alone and helpless in this battle. She still wanted to save her progeny but she was left with no means. In spite of all her efforts, she couldn’t revive Vayu devta and Jal devta, thus the cycle of seasons was disrupted.

On the other hand, the venom emanating serpents were increasing in the atmosphere on one hand leading to the over presence of toxic gases destroying the environmental lovers and on the other side degenerated the minerals in water and deoxygenated it leading to a major decay in marine flora and fauna. So many animals died, so many species went extinct but our greed cared for nothing.”

“We still on one side kept exploiting Dharti Ma and on the other side kept on pumping her with the poisons we produced. This was the last blow to her and they all gave way leading to rising temperatures due to their anger and thus the energies of Agni devta got disrupted and blown out of proportion. There spread forest fires, there happened acid rains deteriorated further our granaries but instead of taking it as a warning, we started another battle named genetic modifications for increased production. We started pumping our vegetation and dairy animals with hormone injections. We started using artificial chemicals to ripen the produce early and make it appear good.”

“And the result was a decrease in the life-sustaining nectar produced. Which made the good elements so weak that the devils started overpowering them. The devils called climatic changes, droughts, floods and above all diseases.”

“Many diseases were born which were previously unheard of. And now it is our turn to succumb to pressure. With no help from any of the five elements, we are fighting a lost battle against these devils. And one such devil is Cancer which was born out of these chemicals that are widely spread everywhere and now who has come to take your friend’s mom with it.”

“Oh Mamaa, that means we are responsible for our own fate and now there is no hope. That means one day these devils will. overpower and engulf all of us leaving this earth lifeless”, exclaimed Rohit.

“Yes Rohit, as for now the chances are very bleak if we still do not mend our ways, and frankly speaking there’s very little that we can do. But yes, still all is not lost. At Least if we really wish to, we can start anew with some baby steps.”

“And what are they Mamma”, asked the concerned boy.

“We can go in for afforestation to increase our forest cover. We can get back to fertilizer-free, pesticide-free organic farming. We can improve our habits and help produce zero waste and waste recycling. We can treat our industry by-products with honesty before releasing them into the atmosphere or water bodies. We should go back to our natural lifestyle and many more such measures.”

“Most importantly we have to control our greed, the prime force behind all this destruction.”

“Though they may seem small steps but if collectively taken over they can take the form of a revolution.”

“A revolution to free ourselves from the slavery of these devils.”

“And then pray and offer sacrifices to our panch tatvas to help them regain………….

Their lost possessions and prosperity.”

Regain the lost possessions and Prosperity – take a pledge this World Environment Day

Ashu Verma Chaubey

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