Summer takes a vacation once again
Summer takes a vacation once again
Summer takes a vacation once again- A blog on the emotions related to summer, holidays, and more... by Maid Corbic
Summer takes a vacation once again
Summer takes a vacation once again

Summer is the most beautiful time for me because it reminds me that I have a reason to live every dream I have and that I definitely love all parts of the world because I love summer the most in the world and that I am the one who rejoices in everything now, more than ever before.

The fact that I am someone who still believes that I will spend the summer somewhere far away, I know that I am happy now because I have everything I dreamed of in front of me, from coconuts and mammoths to exotics in Cuba, where I often liked to spend time.

I am not the only one who will prove that life is very miserable, and I wonder because I know that behind every corner lies a source of existence and happiness. It is clearer when we understand that the meaning of life is that each of us can and should, but must, leave time for ourselves in this world of absurdism. Because everything I used to plan is now still being realized because I have everything I asked for, just a little breath and a breath of gusty wind on the ridges that still opened to me everything I wanted, just a little respect and my sun that still heats the strongest more than ever.

I know that every day I live the life I wished for because it is the only one where I still thirst and recognize that my happiness is in a poor segment of nature. I am still someone who can believe everything around me because I am a man who loves all seasons, but my sun and summer are the right choices.

Necklines, skirts, and various other special combinations make me still wonder why I’m so ashamed that I can’t even pass someone in Zanzibar and dedicate at least a little to myself times. I realize that my life passes in that shame that I can’t skilfully hide, but I have to be strong because I have a place far away; new opportunities and new friendships are waiting for me because I give someone who is still happy with himself.

I may not be someone who wants to say some emotions so easily and instantly, bap now, but I am aware that I have reason to look forward to it all at least once more time and to be a man who will express all emotions softly once, killed any time of day. I am also aware that summer is a real chance to fix myself. I have to use all the proverbs of the world and say now that my destiny and my life have meaning and the reason for existence is you now more than ever. Because I am a man eager for love, even though it may be short, I know it will be the best thing if it happens anywhere. Because the summer brought new ideas for me to get over various things and wipe last year’s fat was unsuccessful when I rode a Vespa motorcycle and crashed into a girl by accident, but I know that some dreams will come true.

All that remains is that people will realize that summer brings new choices of ice cream and new coconut flavours that will be painted in all the colours of the world on white beaches, with people who sell corn and various other little things, because all you need is love and respect.

Everything else is irrelevant and unimportant because love will unite us all and the unconnected after the virus that has struck the world. It is finally time for us all to relax and believe in everything that is needed in a new life and existence.

-Maid Corbic

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