Those were the days….. Summer Stories

Summer Stories
Summer Stories
A down the memory lane blog of Nani house fun during summer break. Summer Stories by Rekha Mittal Gupta

Would you like to delve into some summer stories nostalgia? Read on…

Summer Stories
Summer Stories

I was extremely naughty as a child, pampered by three elder siblings and parents. I was the youngest from the paternal side… This naughtiness reached its peak every summer vacation when all we cousins gathered at my Nani house. That one month was something we all looked forward to. We were termed as “rakshashon ki sena”😆😆and, we loved that…

As I stated, I was naughty, once when I was at my Nani house during vacations, I saw an open manhole while roaming around carefree in the streets. I covered it with hay and grass and it seemed like normal ground. Nobody could make out that there was an uncovered manhole.

I hid behind a tree to see the show unfold in front of me…  I didn’t observe, there was a beehive on that tree and some naughty kids like me threw a stone at it. The bees started flying here and there and when I realised,  I ran from there and myself fell into that uncovered manhole, thereby proving, “You fall in the same pit, u dig for others” 🤪🤪.

My God!!! what a mess I was in?

My uncle who was returning from the shop at that time pulled me out. Thankfully, it was not a deep hole. I got a solid scolding from my mom and my cousins had a gala time watching me in that condition.
Today also, when we cousins meet and remember that event, we laugh out loud and they all pretend to run away from me closing their noses.

In my Nani’s house, there was a big underground water tank. My uncle always made sure to keep it covered when ‘rakshashon ki sena’ was there. Once he forgot, we all kids were dumbstruck to see how deep it was and filled with water. One-by-one, we shouted in it and our voices echoed. It was a thrilling and quite exciting experience. Though we got a tight scolding afterward for being so casual around that underground water tank.

Those were the days…..

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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  1. shashi thakur

    Hahaha… thoroughly enjoyed this, apt name given to the gang “Rakshashon ki sena” 😂

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