Dream of that origin
Dream of that origin
Happy Ramnavmi. Dream of that origin of peace and realism. Blogpost by Maid Corbic
Dream of that origin
Dream of that origin

In my dream, I dream of being touched by that gentle silhouette that still gives me a feeling of freedom and splendor in my eyes. I know for sure that maybe everything around me is still wrong, but faith and hope will not allow me to be sadder.

I think that life can be sweet if I dream of all life and beautiful things like others around me because I believe in something new and supernatural. Meaningfully, my life has become so good and great that I don’t want to do some things until the moment when I realize that my memories may not be as perfect as the long ones want to say. And I still believe that I hope that all the people around me will be united by that famous peace and the realism and the dream of that origin of Ramnavmi. And I think it’s all okay and, in return, if I believe that love can re-emphasize all the states of life and the epithet of freedom that I still want to build in myself more than ever. And maybe all that I believe and want to believe is temporary, but my love and sentiment will live forever until I realize that I am a special man.

I have reason to believe in a new life and to be the hero of my story when one night I wrote and understood and he caressed me as much as he could. In my dream, I saw all the stars and all the states of man, that I did not know where I was, but I still thought that you had a reason to be born with new events and things like never before. And I am certainly more heartbroken than ever because I believe that dreams can come to life and that each of us has a reason to have our own arena.

I must not be bad because all the dreams I have dreamed of are specific and special strongly. I can say that I am happy in some elections, but in some cases, it is not appropriate that the reason for my life is just growth and arena more than ever.

The meaning of it all is that I believe that hope has passed and that I will never be sad like other people around me. And I dream of the coolest things and tell others around me how I feel because my feeling of gold is worth more than ever. And maybe it is necessary for me and my state of mind if I want to be happy, more than ever as my dreams are of Indian origin and I think I am more unique than ever.

May love build all my memories and faith and hope that this will then become more and more enduring. Love used to be beautiful until the moment when I realized that my sense of life is just effort and commitment to what I want and want to dream about. And my love will be the strongest connection of everything because dreams can be a reality only if the dreamer is stronger than ever.

Love is the strongest tool I need to build and dream of everything I need if I want to be happy and I am a child who believes in some new victories. And I am really happy if I still have people with me who will be and who will be with me for now, because every dream has a reason and a meaning in life.

I can hold on, but I don’t want to be like that. Because I still have a life that is given only one reason to be constantly arrested in every world. Love is my strongest if I still have reason to believe in everything I want and dream and to build an arena with a dream room in a new age and a new era.

A hug is sometimes needed only to erase memories, but also by creating good words and deeds that give importance to the lover to win everything around him. I am still a daughter-in-law and I believe that I have a reason to live and to embrace all the memories with myself because it will be too late for everyone. I am worth more than ever because the meaning of everything is just effort and my investment is really special.

I am looking forward to every moment to continue to have everything I dreamed of, and it is a reminder of life worth living. I hope my words will inspire others around me and the world to do only what you want to dream. And that world is the most beautiful thing I have now; happiness and joy in every distant world and sphere of life.

Everything else is important. The hero on the quay defeats all enemies every day when wakes up just like me. Because I am the hero of my story and India is a proud country because it always gives me love and respects more than ever before.

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