My Family-Dedication to all fathers

Morning Project ends- My Family Shines!
Morning Project ends- My Family Shines!
A beautiful short story depicting the importance and value of family in a erson's life by Emanuele Cilenti
Morning Project ends- My Family Shines!
Morning Project ends- My Family Shines!

This morning I had a project;
Get it over with!
Too many problems,
Too many defeats,
Too many humiliations.

So I went
in my room
Two sons,
I wanted to greet them before I go away, forever!
I gave a kiss to Jade, the youngest,
and I whispered to her, “I love you!

My little princess, she grows up and becomes beautiful,
married to a man that you love and respect you, but especially rich!
She wakes up, opens her eyes,
She was listening to me,
She sweetly whispers to me:
“Dad, I want a husband like you,
That he loves me and that he will never abandon me “,
She kisses me and goes back to sleep.
I get up from my baby’s bed,
My eyes are already full of tears,

I approach Marco’s bed, the oldest,
I caress his head, and whisper in his ear:
“Now you are the man of the house, take care of Giada and her mother “,
I kiss him, and he all sleepy whispers to me:
“Dad, remember that today you have to teach me to ride the bike “.
I leave the bedroom broken.

In tears, I go to the kitchen,
I find my love that is preparing me breakfast, as soon as she sees me she hugs me,
She kisses me, and she whispers in my ear: “I have prepared you breakfast, like every morning,
I love you”.

I leave the house, the project that I had before was flat
slowly disappearing,
I raise my eyes to the sky,
The tears that burn me like incandescent lava,
A beam of light covers my face
A voice yells at me: “Don’t think of problems, about what you don’t have, you have a priceless treasure,
Think about it,
Life is a lit candle,
Only God can and must extinguish it “-

With a smile and hope in the heart back inside the house,
I undress, I go back to bed,
and my wife hugs me, she kisses me and she whispers to me: “how nice, today you stayed home with me, I love you. “
Thank God, I have nothing but I have a great treasure!

My Family!!!

-Emanuele Cilenti

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