Jai Bajrangbali!

Jai Bajrangbali
Jai Bajrangbali
A short note by Sudipta Mishra for Lord Hanuman!
Jai Bajrangbali
Jai Bajrangbali

On the Glorious Occasion of Hanuman Jayanti-

As a strong warrior and a big confidant to Lord Ram, Mahavir Hanuman has been living as an eternal hero till infinity.  

He is still here to bless us. Whenever we are haunted by ghosts, we do remember his name. As a saviour to the life of a fear-stricken man, Lord Hanuman reaches to us. We need to only chant his holy name to rescue our poor souls from the unknown dangers. 

 As a true devotee of Lord Ram, he never abandons his lord at the time of difficulty. 

He saved the life of Lord Laxman by bringing Sanjibani to him. He even mustered the courage to carry the monstrous mountain and flew to the distant horizon by chanting the pious words: ‘Jai Sri Ram.’

From his life story, we learn to imbibe extreme devotion to our masters. 

On this divine day, I pray to the lord to instill valour in us to fight with inner demons like Bajarang Bali. 

Jai Sri Ram

Jai Bajrangbali

Bajrangbali Aarti

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