Easter Celebration
Easter Celebration
Easter Celebration, a short noting by Deepti Shakya
Easter Celebration
Easter Celebration

Do you believe in miracles and God’s incarnation?

Yes, it’s the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

It’s the day to remember his greatest sacrifice,

Even after his crucifixion, he again shone like a sunrise.

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as Easter,

Let’s develop humanity and kill our mind’s evil monster.

Season of love, peace, hope and renewal,

May everyone’s happiness be eternal.

A joyous holiday we celebrate,

Easter bunny, artificial eggs, yummy foods and chocolate.

Beautiful flowers, chicks, and fancy bunny basket,

Easter is a festival of love and jubilate.

Easter brings lots of love and happiness,

Let’s take away all jealousy and bitterness.

Delicious cake, cookies and lots of candy,

Let’s give Easter baskets full of gifts to the needy.

©Deepti Shakya, India 

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