Dear Myself, Some Perfect Reminders!

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Dear Myself, Some Perfect Reminders!
Dear Myself, Some Perfect Reminders! By Lakshmi Ajoy
Dear Myself, Some Perfect Reminders! By Lakshmi Ajoy
Dear Myself, Some Perfect Reminders!

Dear Myself,

Trust, You are at your sparkling best as always.

Today, I was lost in a deep abyss of thoughts and that lead me to gather some perfect reminders that I wish to share with You. 

So, let me begin by reminding You today and every day that You are perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect. Don’t bother about running a rat race with the rest of the world. Carve Yourself a niche and operate at a suitable pace that You are comfortable with.

Don’t bother about what opinions others hold about You. You are unique and The Divine Mercy’s Masterpiece creation. Do I need to remind You of Your worth?  I’m sure that’s not needed. 

The world and it’s entities are naturally created with the basic instinct to pull you down. Don’t be weak and definitely don’t respond back. Take a chill pill and relax completely.

Believe not in the power of the impossible but do believe in the magical power of “I’m Possible!”. 

Sometimes, it is rather important to move Yourself out of your comfort zone to explore what lies beyond. Performing activities that everyone else does is rather insignificant. Do what’s challenging, make possible the impossible. Set an example and pave the path for everyone else to follow.

Also, remember that while you live in peace, let others too live in peace. At the same time, prove Yourself to be the perfect leader. While you take the lead to defend the challenges that lay ahead, ensure You take care of those who are following You. Take them along, show them the light at the end of the tunnel, motivate them to do and perform better and offer them the much-needed hope and faith in what lies ahead. 

When You have to climb up the mountains, steps, or ladders, make sure you are always at the top. At the same time, stop every now and then to ensure the entire team is tagged along in this expedition. Offer them refreshments, the much-needed break, and pause.  Also, offer them Your strong hands and pull them towards You. Let them always be at the same level as You in terms of knowledge and gaining skills and experiences.

However, remember that as a leader, You must also present Your followers with challenges, tasks, and responsibilities that they can complete on their own. This will help them build their own confidence and improve their skills and experience. This is the only way to prove that You are the perfect leader. 

Also, be loving towards Mother Nature. Plant trees, conserve resources, save energy, preserve minerals, avoid plastics and follow the policies of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Up-cycle, and find an alternative solution to protect Nature. 

Remember that Nature is immortal. You have to preserve Nature so that Nature can protect and shelter You. Be compassionate towards Nature and all of Nature’s abundant creations, both living and non-living. 

Finally, spread Love and Light. Be Yourself. Live life every moment. Don’t wear masks to please the world. Tomorrow when You peek into the mirror of Truth, You need to be able to identify Yourself. Never pretend and lead the most beautiful life ever. 

Yours lovingly,


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