Loved and Lost. Well, loved after all!

Loved and Lost. Well, loved after all.
Loved and Lost. Well, loved After All
A direct from the heart blogpost from a daughter for her angel dad. Feel the warmth with this heartwarning read by Harshita Udani

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February 15th, 2022 01:19 pm

Dad- Papa- Father, these words mean more than a relation. It’s an emotion, often underrated, often undermined, yet the pillar that keeps the family strong and steady. This emotion multiplies and escalates when it’s a father-daughter relation. Unbreakable, true, pure, unconditional.

My father and I had the unconditional love, often envied, often cherished. There was no love, no relation, no emotion bigger or stronger or deeper than ours… We were the centre of each other’s world. We were the universe for each other. We completed each other. Our world’s revolved around one another. I was his love at first sight and he is my love that will never die. People around us were often surprised and in awe of our bond. They would warn us about the heartbreak the closeness, could cause. But we believed otherwise. It’s never a heartbreak when love is unconditional and pure.

Loved and Lost. Well, loved after all.
Loved and Lost. Well, loved After All

Yes, it is devastating and shattering to lose your father but not heartbreaking to have been loved so unconditionally like no other can.

I’ve to live with this forever loss but my strength lies in the fact that I have always been loved and cared for, till his last. I’ve been blessed to be his daughter and could never ask for anymore, except for more time with him mortally. Yes, there are umpteen number of beautiful stories of us and many alone moments of me after him where I was broke and shattered, was devastated. But there are many moments where I have miraculously felt his presence which shows he is still out there caring, loving, and watching over unconditionally like he always has.

A father is like no other. A daughter who has her father by her side is always the most blessed. She is and will always be the Princess of his world. You are my lost soul, my love, never can be replaced by any. 

As the going says:

Its better to have loved and lost,

Than to have never been loved at all!

There wasn’t ever a day, when you ceased to be by my side,

Even from eternity away,

You guide me through my life.

If ever I feel vulnerable and unguarded,

You show your cosmic presence,

Providing the support-shield I need

I can stand as a pillar for our family, only coz of your belief in me.

Whether in this realm or outside,

Our souls shall reunite, finding solace in due time.

Until then Dear Papa,

I’ll look at the sky and smile

To know I have a hand above,

To see me through all the while.

#Harshita Udani

To all the Father-daughter duos 🤗

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